The Society of Guardians is an Esoteric Order that integrates Mystical Christian &  Kabbalistic teachings.

"It is our intention to link ourselves  with those spiritual forces and forms that are constructive in the universe. So that we might be part of evolving life, in COMMUNION with  all life, with COMPASSION for all life, and in CO-OPERATION with all life."

(The Intention of The Society of Guardians) 


1) Esoteric Study & Spiritual Practice:  Members combine daily meditation, spiritual practice, and regular esoteric study with a practical examination of the Mysteries of Nature through attuning to the cycles of the sun and the seasons. Members also have a commitment to act as Caretakers of the Earth and to assist those in need through prayer and volunteer work. 

2) Ceremonial Ritual:  Four Seasonal circle rituals per year for the Equinoxes & Solstices are performed at the Sanctuary which relate to the elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Water). 

 3) Mystical Christian Services: Contemplative Eucharistic Services in the Mystical Christian Tradition are held monthly. The Service includes candles, incense, prayers for the world, monastic chant, invocations of the elements and angels, a time for silent meditation and contemplative prayer, and a Mystical Eucharist. 

4) Annual General Meeting Held prior to the Winter Solstice ceremony annually.


Inquiries for Associate Membership are welcome from men and women over 18 years of age who hold a belief in God, and have a sincere desire to walk the Mystical Path and  embark on a journey of personal growth and spiritual development, while dedicating themselves to the service of humanity. Associate members can undertake the first two grades of study and can attend quarterly ceremonial rituals as guests by arrangement. Full membership is open to those who have successfully completed the first two (outer) stages of study, and engaged in  personal spiritual practice. Membership of each Sanctuary is limited to 22 people. 

Dues for Associate and Full Members are kept at a minimum ($120 NZ per year/$10 per month) to contribute towards venue rental, ritual supplies (Wine, candles, incense etc), additional regalia/robes, consumables, printing costs, and website expenses. All money goes back into Sanctuary activities.


Ciaran Masterson has been involved with the Guardians Tradition for over 25 years. He was introduced to Michael Freedman (the late Senior Guardian) as a teenager by his mother and became a correspondence student, then a personal student,  attending ceremonies and tuition at the Sanctuary in Mt Eden until the late Senior Guardian's death in 1996. He continued his mystical studies under the guidance of Senior members of the Guardians as well as through Masonic, Rosicrucian, and Esoteric/Magical Orders and has led a ritual group of the Celtic Mystery Tradition for the last 20 years. In 2016 he was invested as Senior Guardian by  Anae S. (Abbess of the Guardians) with the approval and blessing of Dermot C. (Prior and Successor to Michael Freedman)In everyday life Ciaran is a Health Professional, has also been a University Lecturer and is also an ordained Priest in the Old Catholic/Liberal Catholic Tradition.                      He has an interest in Ancient Mythology, World Religions, and Jungian Psychology.