the chapel

Nature-Centered services in the Mystical Christian & Contemplative Traditions are held several months of the year in West Auckland at 7:30pm. Services include candles, music and monastic chant, incense, prayers for the world, meditation or contemplative prayer, and a Mystical Eucharist. These Ecumenical services are public and people from all denominations (or none) are welcome. All may attend if they enter the chapel with respect and reverence. 

Please Email the Chapel Guardian for further information


  • Sun 17th Feb:  Lammas (Loaf Mass)  
  • Sun 17th March: Autumn Equinox
  • Sun 21st April: Easter Mass
  • Sun 19th May: All Hallows (All Souls)
  • Sun 16th June: Midwinter Solstice
  • Sun 21st July: Candlemas (Feast of Returning Light)
  • Sun 18th Aug:   Feast of Mary, Mother of the World
  • Sun 15th Sept: Spring Equinox & Feast of St Michael 
  • Sun 20th Oct:  Feast of St Francis of Assisi
  • Sun 17th Nov: Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Sun 22nd Dec: Midsummer & Advent